Mindful Collages

by suborg


The history of Mindful Collages

The idea of Mindful Collages came to suborg with population of deepart.io service, that was a pioneer in utilizing of neural networks for restyling images.
Neural networks use some complex mathematic approach, and suborg decided to create an alternative, that would rely on simple arithmetics and produce interesting and attractive images.
Being a software developer, suborg created the solution and made an attempt to sell it as a program, but marketing was not successful.
So he decided to use the solution himself and establish a new style in collages.
It took about 7 years to develop the essence of the style, collect ideas, prepare artworks and come out to the NFT market when it suddenly bloomed.

Style and Aim

These collages consist of a limited number of simple elements that blend together to create and represent the meaning of the big image. This produces a miracle effect in the human mind, and interacts with conscious and subconscious perceptions at the same time. The role of individual personality in history and the meaning of objects are the leitmotifs of suborg's collages.
Not a neural network art. Just digital collages.

Image: portrait of George Lucas from characters and objects of his films.