Early Demos

It began with Vector-06C personal computer, which loaded from audiotapes and allowed to create applications on Basic and Assembler. Basic was the first language, that was used by suborg to dive into generative art.
Later suborg got an Intel 80386 personal computer, switched to C++ and Assembler, and started to create AdLib and Tracker music.
After several years of experiments suborg met demoscene community, and started to create code and music for demo parties as a member of a team.


It was a great joy to spend hours after school on reading books about programming and on creating various applications on a computer with 64kb RAM, 3MHz processor, audiotape.

BFG Rot - 512 bytes demo (MS-DOS)
Presented at BYTEFALL Party in 1999

This demo can work even without MS-DOS (if placed in boot sector of an external drive). It generates a font based on BIOS data of the computer, and draws rotation of styled text on a generated bumped ellipse with a fading memory effect. When user stops the animation, computer switches from graphics to text mode and draws a fullscreen textual representation of the image in ASCII-art style.